Friday, November 2, 2018

_______-____ the Everliving!

The Mummy-Sorcerer Lich Variant


Polyhedron-shaped stone fastness containing its sarcophagus and power-source. Determine polyhedral shape randomly. 33% chance the fastness is floating 3d20 yards in the air (fastness can be piloted from interior control room).

Can magically increase its STR and CON to 20 by spending 35 HP. The change will last until the mummy-sorcerer is reduced to 50 HP or less.

Remnant of an ancient empire that revered [1d6]: (1) cats, (2) dogs, (3) crocodiles, (4) snakes, (5) displacer beasts, (6) night-gaunts. Will usually have a special servitor with 8 HD of the determined type that is totally loyal (fearless morale).


Ejecting magical waste from its floating fastness near a town or in an important water source or waterway.

The shadowy figure behind a clandestine operation to kidnap a local noble or monarch and replace them with one of its shape-changing puppets.

Engaged in a small land war with a traditional lich. Purely about territory and resources.

Felling a sacred or otherwise significant forest to feed the fires of its engines.

Digging a massive trench that exposes part of the Underworld. The massive, dripping carcass of a purple worm is being hoisted by a crane being operated by an ogre supplicant (INT 12).

[Image: Mumm-Ra and Ma-Mutt]

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